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Mie Lethek : Don’t Judge Before Giving a Try

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May 13, 2014
Sunrises Mangunan Fruit Garden
Mangunan Fruit Garden
November 29, 2017

Don’t Judge Before Giving a Try

U nlike other well-known noodles in the world which have pure white and bright yellow color, this traditional noodle is totally different. Lethek is ‘dirty’ or simply dull in Javanese, which means this noodle literally has a dull grey color. Mie lethek can be easily found at Yogyakarta, especially Bantul regency since it is one of traditional food of its place.


Ingredients and making process

The traditional ingredients consist of tapioca and gaplek or dried cassava. It makes the appearance of mie lethek becomes unusual. This also caused by the makers who do not want to give any artificial color to their product. Furthermore, one thing that should be appreciated is the making process itself which use no automatic modern machine. It processed by involving a cow in a traditional machine.

Cooked mie lethek

This dull noodle will not raise people’s appetite indeed. Yet, do not judge that it has unpleasant taste until giving a try after cooking process. It does not need a complex ingredients to make outstanding flavor. Fortunately it only needs garlic, chili, leek, some vegetables like cabbage and mustard greens, and other spices. To make it tastier, add duck eggs or chicken eggs. People can choose between the boiled noodle and fried noodle for those who have different taste.

In addition, mie lethek has different texture like common noodle. Because it made from cassava, the texture is little bit tough despite the smaller size. Therefore, when order a boiled noodle, it would be better to eat it directly before the texture soften.

Boiled Mie Lethek

Fried Mie Lethek


Where to find and the price

People can find mie lethek around Bantul, south region of Yogyakarta. Unfortunately, almost all of seller open their eatery from evening until night. Yet, it is still possible to find it in the morning as the route available on the map below. No need to worry about the price. A plate full of delicious mie lethek is only around IDR 16.000 in a complete dish with pickles. Then, for the beverages there are ice tea or orange for around IDR 3.000. Affordable enough, right?

Happy exploring!

Mie Lethek Pak Joo

  • Jl. Wahidin Sudiro Husudo No.11, Trirenggo, Kec. Bantul, Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55714
  • 0813-6500-0613


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