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B29 : Another Breathtaking View of Bromo Mountain

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Bromo mountain, a famous tourism place in Indonesia, has attracted thousands tourist around the world.

It is undeniable fact that Bromo offers a magnificent and magical view especially in the morning when the clouds covering the lower area so that only the tip of the mountain that can be seen.

Located in several regencies which are Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang and Lumajang, makes Bromo can be reached through some tracks. So does its beauty. In order to enjoy different attractive sightseeing, people can choose another route to Bromo by going to B29.

Sunrise From Top of B29

What B29 offers to the tourist?

First of all, because of its place which located at 2900 masl, deciding to go there means that people should prepare for the outfit especially for Indonesian whom not familiar with its cold weather. At this place, people is allowed to set the tent and if the weather is good and you are lucky enough, a thousand stars can be seen clearly on the sky.

Then, you should get up early and get your camera ready to capture amazing view of Bromo. By witnessing the interflow which consist of mountain, clouds, and residents from afar. People will realize the reason why B29 also called as ‘Negeri di Atas Awan’. This term means a land lies above the clouds or simply said is like in a heaven. As an extra bonus, the sun will rises beautifully and you can absorbs the warmth from its shine.


Then, what is B29?

Well, B29 stands for ‘Bukit 29’ in bahasa Indonesia. Bukit in English means hill, and 29 itself means the height of the hill, 2900 masl. So, B29 is a hill located at Lumajang Regency specifically at Argosari village. B29 has introducted as a tourist destination since 2013 even though it did not gain high popularity among foreigner compared to Bromo.

View Sukapura Village From Top of B29

Sparkling Star at Peak B29


How to get there?

The first way to go there is by bus from Malang city. It cost around IDR 50.000 and stop at bus station. After that, you get to change with another public transportation like a small car called angkot with L300 code. It will bring all passengers to Seduro market and it cost about IDR 10.000. From this market, people can choose motorcycle as public transportation called ojek which cost IDR 50.000 to 75.000. You have to bargain wisely to get a cheaper price.

One thing that cannot be missed is the entrance ticket. No need to spend a lot of money here, because to get an amazing view of Bromo, people only have to pay IDR 3.000. It can be change anytime depends on the local policy there. Yet, people must be aware to always keep the place clean to not littering so the maximum satisfaction can be obtained.

Happy exploring.

Puncak B29

  • Argosari, Senduro, Sariwani, Sukapura, Kabupaten Lumajang, Jawa Timur 67254

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