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All about Chocolate at Kampung Coklat Blitar

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Chocolate is a famous sweet food which adore by most people in the world. They will crave more chocolate in any condition. It is believed that chocolate is good for mood booster, to soothe the skin and the best one is as a companion to do some jobs and others.

Then, what if there is a place with tons of chocolate ready to eat?

Located in a small regency named Kademangan, Blitar city, East Java, there is Kampung Coklat. Literally, it means a chocolate village. Not to mention that this is a village where many planted cocoa trees spread around particular village. Yet, the concept of this place is actually a kind of chocolate cultivation, but along with its development and improvement in many aspects, this place become a tourist attraction and give benefits to the village and society. Since introduced around three years ago, now this place can be called as an educational tourism place and widely known by Indonesian.


What can be found at Kampung Coklat?

As other places offer which is intended to refresh everyone’s mind who come there, so does Kampung Coklat. At this place, visitors can choose some activities to do. The first one is enjoying a shady and chilly atmosphere while sitting under the cocoa tree. People also can find some food and beverages mostly made by chocolate like noodle, hot chocolate, and others. Besides, some traditional food is possible to find easily there. Moreover, if people want to do some creative things, there is room which offer a decorating chocolate activity. Then, as an educational tourism place, some school entourages come there to educate the students about chocolate making process. At last, this place is suitable for family who want to bring the children because there are some playing grounds like small swimming pool, trampoline, small boat and others.

What about the ticket price?

In order to enjoy those tempting facilities there, people only need to pay IDR 5.000 each person. Then, to park the motorcycle, it costs around IDR 2.000 and totally different with car which is around IDR 5.000. This ticket price is not including with children playground because people should pay start from IDR 7.000 to 10.000 each. Then, if people want to buy some souvenirs before going back to home, there is a store with various products offered. For instance, there are dark chocolate block, chocolate powder, chocolate with different flavours, some kind of snack made with chocolate and many more. The price for those is affordable enough and people can choose anything they want, but do not forget to pay at the cashier.

Happy exploring.

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